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What is a Shared Christmas Party

What is a Shared Christmas Party

Some companies and community groups today are transitioning to offering staff a kids Christmas party. Depending on the size of the organization, there are many details that can sometimes be overlooked or too expensive to implement. Family Jingle & Mingle is a cost effective way for companies to host a party that will include fun for the whole family.

  • Affordable and an incredible value for your money.
  • Elevates a great time with friends, family and colleagues for a truly memorable occasion.
  • Raises morale by doing something different.
  • Fabulous entertainment, pictures with Santa, lots of activities…all under one roof!
  • The chance to celebrate the season in a stunning location.

Office Christmas parties fell victim to recessions and cutbacks but many firms are rekindling employee engagement. The reward factor is crucial. After a difficult year of job losses, budget cuts, and heavier workloads, it’s more important than ever to boost staff morale and provide downtime for stressed employees.  Family Jingle & Mingle can be used as a way of reinforcing that you’ve survived a tough year. Recognizing and rewarding employee contribution is critical and can provide big returns for employers.

The cost per employee of attending this event is relatively low compared to the engagement that a company is likely to get from the event,” says Mammone, Show Manager. “Family Jingle & Mingle improves employee engagement; and an engaged workforce is one whose motivation is aligned with the goals and mission of the organization.”

The Family Jingle & Mingle also has a separate VIP section for community groups, individuals and companies wanting their staff to have their own dedicated area. Customization options available including gifts for employees, centerpieces, etc. Contact us for more information at (647) 428-0027.

Deck The Halls & Skip The Malls!

Yes, technically speaking…Christmas is upon us.  Our heating bills are going up.  We have pulled out our winter clothes.  Planning for the biggest shopping season of the year has arrived.

I don’t know about you, but I personally like to avoid the malls.  There may be some people that enjoy searching endlessly for parking spots, or waiting in long lines…that’s certainly not me.  I have pondered a way to complete Christmas shopping while having fun.

The answer ‘Came Upon a Midnight Clear’!  Family Jingle & Mingle has an AWESOME area with discounted shopping at The International Centre.  There will be lots of gift ideas to choose from including electronics, novelty items, jewellery, skin care, household goods, accessories, clothing and more!  And get this….anything purchased at Family Jingle & Mingle will be wrapped for free.  That’s right…FREE!  (thanks to First Class Homecare) 

While you shop, you can enjoy top notch entertainment and exciting activities.  There will be some fabulous walk around characters including two famous mice, fairy princesses and Batman!  One day only…December 8, 2013 from 10-5.  Parking is free!  Free gift bags for the first 500 adults.

So why not come out and save money, experience fun shopping, and get it all wrapped?  A Christmas experience like no other.  And yes, I will for sure be decking the halls and skipping the malls this year.  Visit The International Centre on Dec. 8 from 10-5.  6900 Airport Road, Entrance 6.  www.jingleandmingle.ca.

Written by:  Gaby Mammone

Christmas around the Globe

All over the world, Christmas celebrations reflect local culture and traditions. The festivities can be startlingly different from country to country, focusing on different aspects of the nativity story.

Here’s a sample of what I have discovered:

Christmas in Australia: December 25 falls during summer vacation, so many of the country’s Christmas festivities take place outdoors. The most popular event of the Christmas season is called Carols by Candlelight. People come together at night to light candles and sing Christmas carols outside.

Christmas in China: Christians in China call Christmas Sheng Dan Jieh, which means Holy Birth Festival. They decorate their homes with evergreens, posters, and bright paper chains. Families put up a tree, called a “tree of light,” and decorate it with lanterns, flowers, and red paper chains that symbolize happiness. They also light their houses with paper lanterns.

Christmas in England: It is cold, wet, and foggy in England at Christmastime. The day before Christmas is they wrap presents, bake cookies, and hang stockings over the fireplace. Then everyone gathers around the tree as someone tells a classic holiday story. Children write a letter to Father Christmas with their wishes and toss their letter into the fire so their wishes can go up the chimney.

Christmas in Italy: The Christmas season in Italy begins on the first Sunday of Advent, which is four Sundays before Christmas. Christmas features fireworks and bonfires along with holiday music. Families go to the Christmas markets to shop for gifts. Some families set up a Christmas tree and decorate it. Families set up their presepio, or manger scene, on the first day of the novena. They gather before the presepio each morning or evening of novena to light candles and pray.

Christmas in Mexico: The weather is warm and mild in Mexico during the Christmas season. Families shop for gifts, ornaments, and good things to eat in the market stalls, called puestos. They decorate their homes with lilies and evergreens. Family members cut designs in brown paper bags to make lanterns, or farolitos. They place a candle inside and then set the farolitos along sidewalks, windowsills, on rooftops and outdoor walls to illuminate the community with the spirit of Christmas.

By: Cindy

5 Themed Christmas Party Ideas

Trying to think of a fun Christmas party idea? Have a themed Christmas party!

Here are 5 ideas that will bring in the holiday cheer.

 1. The Ugly Sweater Party

If you’ve managed to go this long without receiving some horrific Christmas sweater from one of your relatives, you may have to run to the nearest Wal-Mart and buy one to be a part of this holiday fashion faux pas. The pictures will be priceless!Uglysweaterparty 

2. Trim My Tree Party

First time setting up a Christmas tree at your home? Have guests bring one ornament to hang while listening to your favourite songs. Sip hot chocolate, dance, and add your favourite decorations to the tree as you ring in the holiday season.


3. The Wrap Party

Wrapping gifts can be frustrating. Throw a support group style gathering for your friends where everyone brings some supplies and their bundle of gifts. Turn up the music and have some fun! 

4. The Holiday Movie Marathon

This is for sure a favourite. Get some of your friends to come over in their Christmas pajamas and movies they loved as a child. Keep it to a maximum of 4 movies in one night to avoid holiday overload.  

5. 12 Days of Appetizers

If you’re not sick of food by now, have your friends all make their best appetizers for a taste testing. Maybe you will find another addition for your Christmas Day dinner with the family.

By: Danielle Bastien