Be a VIP!


Benefits to sharing your Christmas party with others:

  1. Eliminate the cost of renting space, hiring a caterer, booking Santa and other fun activities.
  2. Save the time associated with sourcing activities, vendors, planning meals, etc.
  3. After confirming your VIP attendance, leave the planning to our experienced and passionate team of Event Gurus.
  4. Just show up!  Experience a massive Christmas celebration with tons of activities and entertainment for the whole family.
  5. Share the same Christmas joy and network with other organizations and community groups.
  6. By celebrating together, your team will get to know each other’s families and create lasting bonds.

VIP tickets include:

  • Reserved seating – Your seat is designated only for you so you can play, meet Santa, go back to your table, go shopping, eat lunch, park your strollers, leave your bags, play some more, etc.  Come back and forth to your table whenever you wish as it’s your personal table.  General tickets have a standard eating area where they eat and relinquish their seat when done eating.
  • Lunch – A lovely buffet lunch will be served between 12 – 2 suitable for kids and adults.  Meal includes Crudités and Assorted Dips, Organic Greens with Chef’s Array of Dressings, Chicken Fingers, French Fries, Pizza, Cookies, Juice, Soft Beverages, Freshly Brewed Regular and Decaffeinated Coffee and Tea.
  • Special Visits – During lunch, VIPs will receive visits from special characters for photo opportunities.
  • Gift – Each VIP (kids and adults) will receive a free present valued at a minimum of $15.  The gifts will be customized based on gender and age range.
  • Rides – Each VIP will receive special access to some rides.  Kids are able to jump on the bouncy castles all day.  Some rides are suitable for adults also!
  • VIP Experience – As a VIP, our goal is to offer you a VIP experience.  Your reserved seating area will be designated only for your party. Your table will have linen and a centerpiece that one lucky person from the table will take home.  We have some other surprises in store!

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Frequently Asked Questions:

1.       Q.   What is the difference between a single VIP Ticket and a Table of 8 VIP ticket?

  • The VIP tickets are all the same.  If you purchase a table of 8 VIP tickets, then only your party will be seated at that table.  If you purchase single VIP tickets, then you may share your table with others who have purchased single VIP tickets.

2.       Q.   How long will the VIP tickets be on sale for?

  • As the VIP’s are in a reserved area, Family Jingle & Mingle requires time to purchase your gifts, order your food, and plan the logistics of your designated area.  We will cut off VIP sales once the allocated space for VIP’s has been filled.  Purchase your tickets today to avoid disappointment.

3.       Q.   What is the free gift that each person will receive?

  • To ensure that we don’t spoil the surprise, we can tell you that the presents are customized by gender and age group.  Each present is valued at a minimum of $15.

4.       Q.  Who can attend as a VIP?

  • Anyone can be a VIP!  VIP tickets are ideal for companies that want to have a kids Christmas party as there’s no need to plan your own party, come to ours!  The cost is less and the activities are magnified – a win win for all!

5.       Q.  What is the cost for VIP ticket?

  • A single VIP ticket is $60.  A table of 8 is $440 (prorates to $55 each person).  Kids are the same price as the same costs are still incurred for them to eat, receive a wristband and a present.

6.       Q.  If I am an event sponsor, how does my VIP discount apply?

  • As the Tables of 8 VIP tickets are already discounted, your event sponsor discount applies to single tickets.  As an event sponsor, you may request to have only your team at a VIP table.


If you have any additional questions about the VIP tickets, please contact us at 647.208.0939 or info{at}jingleandmingle{dot}ca.