What is a Shared Christmas Party

What is a Shared Christmas Party

Some companies and community groups today are transitioning to offering staff a kids Christmas party. Depending on the size of the organization, there are many details that can sometimes be overlooked or too expensive to implement. Family Jingle & Mingle is a cost effective way for companies to host a party that will include fun for the whole family.

  • Affordable and an incredible value for your money.
  • Elevates a great time with friends, family and colleagues for a truly memorable occasion.
  • Raises morale by doing something different.
  • Fabulous entertainment, pictures with Santa, lots of activities…all under one roof!
  • The chance to celebrate the season in a stunning location.

Office Christmas parties fell victim to recessions and cutbacks but many firms are rekindling employee engagement. The reward factor is crucial. After a difficult year of job losses, budget cuts, and heavier workloads, it’s more important than ever to boost staff morale and provide downtime for stressed employees.  Family Jingle & Mingle can be used as a way of reinforcing that you’ve survived a tough year. Recognizing and rewarding employee contribution is critical and can provide big returns for employers.

The cost per employee of attending this event is relatively low compared to the engagement that a company is likely to get from the event,” says Mammone, Show Manager. “Family Jingle & Mingle improves employee engagement; and an engaged workforce is one whose motivation is aligned with the goals and mission of the organization.”

The Family Jingle & Mingle also has a separate VIP section for community groups, individuals and companies wanting their staff to have their own dedicated area. Customization options available including gifts for employees, centerpieces, etc. Contact us for more information at (647) 428-0027.