FJAM Supports: Canadian Cancer Society

canadian-cancer-society-fjam-supporter-gabriellaFamily Jingle & Mingle is proud to support the Canadian Cancer Society in 2014.  By attending this event, you are supporting pediatric research.

The Canadian Cancer Society is the largest charitable funder of pediatric cancer research in Canada.  The research that the Society funds fights cancer at all stages of the cancer journey, from better prevention and earlier detection, to improved treatments and enhanced quality of life to reduce the long-term impacts of childhood cancer.

In 2013, the Canadian Cancer Society Research Institute (CCSRI) allocated $3.1 million to pediatric cancer research being conducted by top researchers across Canada.  It is because of generous supporters and partners like Family Jingle and Mingle that the Society is able to do all that we do.


“I was in total shock when I heard the diagnosis of cancer. Cancer to me was an adult’s disease. Being a 13-year-old teenager, it certainly wasn’t even on my radar.  I lost my hair, had no appetite and refused to get out of bed. Although I became brave as time went on and I had my family to support me through this journey, I missed the normal teenage life I once had, going to school and having fun with my friends.”
-Sabrina Moreino, ovarian cancer survivor