5 Themed Christmas Party Ideas

Trying to think of a fun Christmas party idea? Have a themed Christmas party!

Here are 5 ideas that will bring in the holiday cheer.

 1. The Ugly Sweater Party

If you’ve managed to go this long without receiving some horrific Christmas sweater from one of your relatives, you may have to run to the nearest Wal-Mart and buy one to be a part of this holiday fashion faux pas. The pictures will be priceless!Uglysweaterparty 

2. Trim My Tree Party

First time setting up a Christmas tree at your home? Have guests bring one ornament to hang while listening to your favourite songs. Sip hot chocolate, dance, and add your favourite decorations to the tree as you ring in the holiday season.


3. The Wrap Party

Wrapping gifts can be frustrating. Throw a support group style gathering for your friends where everyone brings some supplies and their bundle of gifts. Turn up the music and have some fun! 

4. The Holiday Movie Marathon

This is for sure a favourite. Get some of your friends to come over in their Christmas pajamas and movies they loved as a child. Keep it to a maximum of 4 movies in one night to avoid holiday overload.  

5. 12 Days of Appetizers

If you’re not sick of food by now, have your friends all make their best appetizers for a taste testing. Maybe you will find another addition for your Christmas Day dinner with the family.

By: Danielle Bastien