What Does Your Company Do For Christmas? Views From An Event Planner…

Christmas parties have evolved over the years.  There used to be a time where it was free for staff and guests to attend a grand event, typically at a banquet hall.  The women would buy a new gown and get their hair done while the guys broke out their irons and removed creases from their best dress shirt.  Meals and alcoholic drinks were free.  That was then.

Then cutbacks happened and there was a charge for guests to attend.  Fewer people attended the holiday parties.  Many people that had children would rather stay home than to pay a babysitter and attend a paid function.  Then, more budget cutbacks happened and there was a charge for the staff also. Costs were scaled, smaller portions of meat served and drinks were expensive.  Attendance numbers diminished.

Guess what happened next?  That’s right, more cutbacks. The ‘once upon a time’ banquet hall turned into a restaurant or a more modest gathering.  Fewer and fewer staff members attended.  Many companies realized the importance of a company family Christmas party – one where the children could attend also.

Organizations today realize the importance of having a Kids Christmas Party during the holidays.  This allows staff members a chance to bond, meet each other’s families and be a kid again too.  Let’s face it…to obtain the ‘wow’ factor in a kids Christmas party, there are many activities that need to be included in the event such as pictures with Santa Claus, rides, crafts, entertainment and more.

Family Jingle & Mingle (also known as FJAM) allows those companies to have a kids Christmas party without the associated costs. FJAM will have a huge space at the International Centre that will include carnival rides, bouncy castles, a Christmas shopping area and more.  It’s an event you don’t want to miss!  Dec. 16, 10am – 2pm.

Tell us what your company does for Christmas.

By Gaby Mammone