Featured Company – Senso 3C

Senso 3C

Why They Started
Senso 3C (the host company bringing you Family Jingle & Mingle) surveyed many business professionals from around the country. They talked to people at all levels (individuals, management, leaders, and owners) about the challenges their businesses face. Originally, they thought they would be able to offer recruitment and staffing services to businesses as many others do…but just do things that much better.

After just a few conversations – Senso 3C realized that there are huge relationship gaps in today’s business world. They found that organizations generally want to build employer /employee relations yet some struggle to execute for various reasons. Many times their intentions and attempts are there, with varying level of effectiveness. Furthermore, many business owners already know this is a major problem, but don’t have time to fix it, let alone research the latest programs, events, exercises that will build and foster sustainable results in motivating, developing, and rewarding their teams.

Through years of experience, Senso 3C’s founders have come to realize that the difference in companies is that many successful people and organizations had the good fortune of having guidance and innovative input that brings forward what works and/or what is different. These can be total new ideas and concepts or simply the things that are just barely out of sight – those “ah-ha!” moments when you really get the trick of how something works- and everything else comes into focus. These are the things that teams and individuals alike want to be part of.

Opportunity Knocks
Senso 3C answered with excitement and their business model was born. They will not only help businesses find stellar people, but also help people find gainful careers. Senso 3C’s Business Resources division channels creative minds in providing solutions that develop and retain sound relationships within teams.

Hence Senso 3C brings you … Family Jingle & Mingle (a fabulous event that will give you something to talk about at the water cooler the next day!)

Join us on Sunday, December 16th form 10am – 5pm.

Written by Nelson Inacio