Supporting The Children’s Wish Foundation of Canada

This year, everyone at Family Jingle & Mingle has made a commitment to support The Children’s Wish Foundation of Canada.

In the last nearly 30 years, Children’s Wish has worked together with various communities to grant more than 18,000 wishes to children between the ages of 3-17 who are coping with life threatening illnesses. Last year alone Children’s Wish was able to grant 1,123 wishes – which breaks down to almost 3 wishes every single day! Each fulfilled wish is unique to the child recipient chosen – children who are referred by medical staff, social workers, friends and family. Their website [] is full of touching stories of wishes that have been granted.The Children's Wish Foundation of Canada

What is the impact of a granted wish? The Children’s Wish Foundation of Canada explains – “For a child whose wish is about to be granted the pain and discomfort of the illness and often harsh treatment regimes somehow become more bearable. For many, the excitement of planning and anticipating their dream has a dramatic effect on their healing. These courageous youngsters often experience a renewed sense of energy and hope as they see a different kind of light at the end of the tunnel.”

Children’s Wish is currently ready to grant any approved wish within the matter of a few weeks, depending on logistics and coordination – in urgent cases, they can grant wishes within days. With continued community support, Children’s Wish will be able to remain true to their claim of never having to turn down a single eligible wish.

At Christmas time, when we gather to celebrate and give gifts to those we love, we are especially reminded of our blessings, and how important it is to share those blessings with others.

Christmastime is a perfect opportunity to teach the children we know lessons about the importance of giving to others and being community minded – whether they are our own children, nieces, nephews, or any other little ones in our lives. While they anticipate the holidays with glee, it’s a wonderful chance to teach children to think about others they are capable of helping. As adults, we have to remind ourselves of these lessons and always remember to lead by example. The truth is that we can all, as individuals and a community, make a difference –as more individuals join together to help and donate we are able to make a bigger and bigger impact.

Family Jingle & Mingle truly believes in The Children’s Wish Foundation of Canada, and we hope to make a significant contribution to their efforts this Christmas season. We are so excited to see what we can do together as a community!


Please join us on Sunday December 16th, where The Children’s Wish Foundation of Canada will be on site at the First Annual Family Jingle & Mingle event to collect donations.

If you have any questions about making a contribution this year as an individual, or as a group, please click on this donor link. 

(Posted by Dominique Mazzuca)