The Evolution of a Company Christmas Celebration

Envision the classic Office Christmas Party.  Do you picture elegant banquet halls, maybe a cruise ship?  Do you see couples dressed in their holiday best; lines of children in their party clothes waiting to sit on Santa’s knee?  Activities, entertainment, festive decor and a turkey feast?

Have you mentally revised this image in the last few years?  You’re not the only one!

After years of rising costs and economic uncertainty, many companies are finding it necessary to scale back on Christmas luxuries. It has been reported that of nearly 900 employed Canadians polled, 39% were not expecting any seasonal party or celebration at their workplace. [Survey conducted by the Human Resources Professionals Association].

You might have seen it within your own workplace. Year by year, budgets are scaled back. The venues become less spectacular, decor might diminish. Children’s activities disappear, or maybe families are no longer included in the celebration at all. Employees sometimes need to supplement the cost of their meals or admission. While we can all understand the reason for the changes, a year-end event can be an important way to recognize the hard work of employees. Due to the financial downturn, many staff members are working harder, putting in extra hours to compensate for cut backs. For many employees, office Christmas parties are a welcome show of appreciation, not to mention a rare opportunity to get to know co-workers on a more personal level and build stronger relationships. When HR Professionals were polled by the HRPA, 81% agreed that a holiday celebration was important to the morale of any organization. People are the best assets of any company, so it is important to remind staff that they are valued and to keep morale high. A motivated work force can make the difference between a company that prospers, and one that falls.

There is a new and exciting trend that provides a wonderful alternative to the traditional Christmas celebration: the Shared Christmas Party (also known as a “Joiner Party”). A Shared Christmas Party is a large scale festival event which puts even small and medium sized companies in the position to enjoy a large extravaganza at an incredibly affordable price. An event complete with food, beverages, and activities for all ages; live entertainment, a large venue and stunning décor is part of the package as well. These parties are hugely price competitive because the expense is shared by joining together with other companies while celebrating the season. A Shared Christmas Party eliminates the cost of purchases and rentals, not to mention the time spent organizing and booking venues, entertainment and caterers.

We introduce to you the First Annual Family Jingle & Mingle.  Family Jingle & Mingle is a Christmas celebration for all ages. We honour working people that want their families to enjoy a festive celebration consisting of entertainment, pictures with Santa, bouncy castles, carnival rides, cupcake decorating, activities, shopping, animals, photo ops and more!

staff and friends having fun at a company Christmas party celebrationYou can opt for your own private dining area with VIP amenities for your group, and have the luxury of participating in the many other activities available throughout the venue.

This is a great for opportunity for your company to make some personalized touches to your group or corporate Christmas party, while remaining budget friendly – and to show your staff what appreciation really means this Christmas season!

Join us on Sunday December 16th, from 10:00am-5:00pm and experience Christmas in a dynamic and engaging way.

Posted by Dominique Mazzuca